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This is the meaning of dank according to Urban Dictionary:
Dank, is an adjective which is over-used by people in general and mostly by people trying to appear cool to their stoner friends. Dank
means dark, sticky, gooey, and potent. It was originally a common word to describe disgusting basements and caves ect. Then the
world of pot took it over and was using it very correctly to describe very potent strains of marijuana, seeing as the definition of dank
meets all the qualities you find in good marijuana. Also an expression frequently used by stoners and hippies for high quality
cannabis. Really potent weed, produced by proper slow drying of harvested plant material, usually requiring curing (putting plant
material in paper bag, folding over top, placing that bag in another bag. Thus reducing air and light contact on said plant materials,
so when you go to retrieve some of said plant materials, it is still moist, green and sticky because the resin glands are still intact and
'sweating'. Usually can only be found on or near a High School (go on, Im sure your son would love to hook you up with some digity
dank). Potent weed. I.e. Krippy, KindBud, Bomb Nugget, Amnesia, Bud, Buddha, Chronic, Dank, Ganja, Good stuff, Hydro, Kief, Kind
bud, Maui wauie, Nug, Righteous bush, Sinsemilla.